Some Flights Resume in Northern Atlantic

Posted by Admin | April 19th, 2010

For the past five days airliners in the Northern Atlantic and Europe have been suffering heavy losses due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland. The volcano spewed forth so much ash that flights simply could not be conducted safely anymore. Now, some good news for the airline industry:

European airspace that was closed by the volcanic eruption in Iceland will reopen to flights today after transport ministers said planes could fly through thinner parts of the ash plume.Operations in areas where dust is detected will be assessed by the U.K.’s Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre, which will also determine which zones are entirely safe and which should remain closed because of the potential threat to aircraft engines. A new ash cloud headed for the U.K. means London’s airports may not be able to open, National Air Traffic Services said.

This should be very good news for all the passengers who are currently straded in Northern Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada.