Honda’s Faulty Airbags

Posted by Admin | February 9th, 2010

It seems like everytime I turn around another major car company is announcing another recall of hundreds of thousands of cars. First it was Toyota, now it’s Honda. While Toyota suffered from “sticky accelerators”, Honda is recalling vehicles because of faulty airbags. 379,000 vehicles are being recalled because their airbags might inflate with too much pressure, which could cause serious injury or death.

Although none of the reported problems occurred after July 2009, Honda said it was still expanding the recall because it could not be sure that the inflators in the aforementioned vehicles would work correctly.

Honda said it will notify affected customers by mail and phone with instructions on how to have their vehicles inspected and updated at an authorized dealer. The entire production of each of the models in question is not necessarily included in the recall.

Between Toyota and Honda, it seems like every car is getting recalled, doesn’t it?