Google Succeeds, Even When Failing

Posted by Admin | February 22nd, 2011

Google has made a ton of industry revolutionizing moves in recent years. The search engine is incredibly dominant in the search industry because of its ability to utilize its popularity and search engines for other uses. Not every idea that Google rolls out works all that well, though–exhibit A is their latest real estate venture. It sort of went down in flames because other companies and websites had already created more sophisticated real estate-search engines. Still, Google isn’t hurting:

Such setbacks have hardly affected Google’s financial performance. Its 2010 financial results were stellar. Fourth-quarter results topped expectations, with $29.3 billion in revenue and a full-year profit of $8.5 billion—a 30 percent gain over the past year. The question is: How long will the good times last?

Basically, nothing that Google does other than search, Adwords, and Adsense turns a profit. Google is an incredible company with innovative ideas and some of the smartest minds, but even they misstep sometimes. Still, the search engine giant is unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon.